Курсы по имплантологии

Курсы по дентальной имплантологии. Тематика. Имплантанты.

Endure Internal Hex Implant.
A Simple On-Stage Internal Hex System biomechanically engineered.

The Hexed-Head Dental Implant System is comprised of nine implant designs which share three head and external hex dimensions.

This unique implant system follows a simple protocol. After removing the gingival tissue with a 1.5mm tissue punch, a small pilot hole is made.

Guided Tissue/Bone Regeneration.
Regeneration procedures have gained professional acceptance and are employed in the repair of periodontal and bony defects.

A powerful addition to your implant armamentarium. For immediate and on going stabilization of a removable prosthesis.

IMTEC offers patient oral hygiene products that are specifically engineered for effective dental implant home care.

For patients lacking proper bone structure, IMTEC Corporation now offers cortical demineralized bone.

To have a permanent restoration made, a clinician must fully prepare the patient’s tooth or teeth to receive the restoration and then take an impression that will e sent to a laboratory.

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